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EYE is an acronym for Emerging Young Executives.

This program implements the core business of Touchstone Network. 

One program that aims at producing young entrepreneurs as well as providing assistance to existing ones.

The EYE is an institution based program which moves from one institution to another, giving preference to second cycle and tertiary institutions.

The main idea is to introduce our younger generation to job creation and guide them on how to create successful businesses.

Why EYE?

It is evident that if you ask ten senior high school students what they want to become, eight out of them will talk about conventional jobs. Majority of people were taught right from infancy that they should go to school, get good grades, get a good job and enjoy life. It is only a few parents who tell their children to strive to own their businesses.

This mentality has created so much problems for the world today. Our schools are churning out a lot of graduates who are all busily hunting for jobs. This has resulted in high rise in graduate unemployment, social vices and even suicide.

People are crying on governments to do something about it and nothing seems to be done because it is not governments that create jobs but rather, they create favorable conditions to encourage individuals and groups of people to create the jobs.

This is where EYE comes in. We believe that the problem should be tackled from the root. It is imperative that the younger generation be shown the reality. They ought to be enlightened on entrepreneurship so that they will be able curb this menace themselves by not adding to it.

The eye has been designed in four phases:

Mobile Tutor

EYE Club

EYE Conference

EYE Challenge

Mobile Tutor

This is a mobile  program. It moves from one institution to another to teach or create awareness on entrepreneurship to help our younger generation change their conventional way of thinking.


This is a multi-level club which is not gender, religious or ethnic biased. Everyone can join provided they are willing to abide by our simple club policies. This club is established in the institutions the mobile tutor is held.

Membership is at a fee and comes with so many benefits


Membership Identification Card which gives members a universal recognition

A free book from the Rich Dad series

Working in team environments

Opportunity to have attachment in reputable companies to gain practical experience

Subsidized fee for EYE Conference

Free access to educational materials

Free training programs and paid training is highly subsidized for EYE Club members

Free participation in the EYE Challenge


There are five levels of membership

Bronze EYE

Silver EYE

Gold EYE

Diamond EYE

Premium EYE

Members enter into bronze EYE first and progress to the other levels based on achievement. It is our design that club members should have been able to accomplish a task in a year and that ushers them into the next level.

Every new level comes with different tasks and new benefits.

The Premium EYE which is the final stage is for a lifetime, however, members can decide to quit at any time. Our premium members are those who have been able to make it and are established. These members serve as role models and inspiration for the up and coming ones.

Individuals who have already made it in business can join the club at the Premium level.

Our system is designed such that, by the time a member gets to Premium EYE, he/she would have been established.


Annual membership renewal

Lifetime membership, however, members can opt out.

Membership is irreplaceable

It is mandatory that members comply with club regulations



This is an annual prestigious gathering of all EYE Club members as well as non members.
A 3-day power packed networking conference where delegates get to listen to and interact with world-renowned speakers and business thinkers that continue to advance management science and develop cutting-edge tools and frameworks to help businesses transform their ideas into products and bring those products to the market. 
This is a paid conference. It is however subsidized for EYE Club members.


This is an annual call for business proposals. A life transforming opportunity for people who have viable business ideas but in need of funding.

Each year, Touchstone Network partners a financial institution as well as other companies to host this program.

Individuals or groups who have viable business ideas are encouraged to enter into this challenge. Three ideas are picked every year and a source of funding in the form of business loan is given to the selected participants to kick-start their plan. There are also winning prizes as well as consolation prizes for the 4th to 10th shortlisted participants.

This program is in 5 stages

1. Call for proposals

2. Submission of proposals

3. Vetting by panel to shortlist finalists

4. Finalists defend their proposals

5. Announcement of winners and giving of prizes

Entry into this challenge is free for EYE Club members. Non members will pick up a participation form at a fee.

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